North Central HIDTA
Current Initiatives
Enforcement Initiatives
Drug Gang Task Force 
Disrupt and dismantle violent Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) that terrorize Milwaukee neighborhoods.
East Metro 
Disrupt and dismantle violent DTOs that traffic methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, synthetics, marijuana, and diverted pharmaceuticals.
  • Dakota County
  • Ramsey County VCET
  • Washington County
Fugitive Task Force 
Investigates and arrests fugitives; supports HIDTA initiatives with arrest warrants and assumes apprehension responsibility for fugitives.
Heroin Task Force 
DTO Investigations targeting the most serious and prolific heroin DTOs; also providing overdose investigative expertise.
Interdiction (Minnesota) 
Dedicated to reducing drug threats by targeting source suppliers in the region.
  • Airport
  • Anoka-Hennepin AHNVCTF
  • Bloomington
  • DEA
Interdiction (Wisconsin) 
Interdict large shipments of drugs entering WI, as well as outbound shipments via private and public parcel companies.
Investigative Support Center (ISC) (Minnesota) 
Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the investigative efforts of the enforcement initiatives located in Minnesota.
Investigative Support Center (ISC) (Wisconsin) 
Provides essential case support and utilizes full range of intelligence and technical products in support of the HIDTA strategy and its initiatives.
Major Crimes 
Investigates and disrupts/dismantles violent DTOs having a nexus to the HIDTA designated counties located in MN.
Native American Drug & Gang Initiative (NADGI) 
Disrupts and dismantles criminal gangs and DTOs in tribal communities located in WI.
Northeastern Drug Task Force 
Brown County multi-jurisdictional enforcement group with focus on methamphetamine, opioids, cocaine, and marijuana traffickers.
Prosecution Initiative 
Milwaukee County Assistant DAs that work with the WI based enforcement and intelligence initiatives to target and prosecute DTOs and violent gangs.
South Central Drug Task Force 
Focus on source suppliers of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana that originate from IL and utilize transportation corridors within the two counties.
  • Dane County
  • Rock County
Southeastern Drug Task Force 
Focus on identifying and investigating DTOs while partnering with state and federal law enforcement agencies.
  • Kenosha County
  • Racine County
  • Waukesha County
Prevention Anti-Drug Anti-Crime Initiative
Building Public Awareness 
Develop Public Service Campaigns within five counties designated in MN to educate citizens on the threat of opioid abuse; educate students and parents of dangers of drug abuse.
Safe & Sound 
Reduce drug-related violent crime through supporting law enforcement, community building, and proactive engagement of youth in activities that increase pro-social skills and behaviors, and teach drug, gang, gun, and crime resistance.
Support Initiatives
Info Technology 
Provides technology solutions to support all of the HIDTA initiatives with high levels of availability, reliability and security.
Management & Coordination 
Effectively and efficiently implements the HIDTA program goals, policies, and procedures.
Provide relevant and specialized training to investigators, analysts, supervisors, and administrative personnel within the North Central HIDTA region.